Nickel allergy

Nickel allergy:
Nickel is a metal that is widely used in many different products. Since many people have developed a hypersensitivity to nickel, the EU has developed limits on the amount of nickel that may be precipitated from the metals used for jewelry to be worn directly against the skin.

Almost all metal contains a portion of nickel and the nickelfree-term is an inaccurate term to use in most cases. The EU rules governing and being talked about is instead using nickel safe, ie nickel, which precipitates out is over the permitted limit.

Pharmacy sells a nickel test (Chemo Nickel Test) used for testing metals for nickelpercipitation.

IMK-Design only buys jewelry parts that are approved under the EU standard or that are tested with the nickel test.

NOTE: Do not forget that some highly allergic people may react to objects on the skin, which are tested and/or approved.

If you take care of your jewelry the right way the longer they will last. Remember, all clad, "illegitimate", metal is sensitive to moisture in the form of water, perfume, sweat, skin creams and so on. When jewelry is not used, it should be stored airtight for best durability.