About me and IMK

I have as long as I can remember painted and loved colors, which has resulted in that I have got some of my pictures published in the book "I min spegelbild" published by Hegas AB. So the step has never been really far to begin as a jewellery artisans, because I've always had the artistic in me. To get a combination of different colors, shades and materials into something beautiful makes me happy. So when you buy something from me, you will get something that is unique, with lots of love.

I at Crafts & Design in Nordstan Gothenburg during the summer of 2016.

Here is also at the Crafts & Design in Nordstan during the Christmas market in November 2017. Which is one of the few markets you can find me on.

I always try to work while I'm in Nordstan, this is Christmas 2015.